5 espressos? So you’re like a coffee shop?

Some days you have to wonder about the story behind a name.

When Brian and I realized that a web design company would be our first adventure into the world of business, the next challenge was, obviously, what we would call the business!

I wasn’t too keen on the idea of naming the business after one of us. There are some great design firms that draw their names from their founders, but I knew it wasn’t the direction I wanted to go.

So we sat, and we even started doing some of our first work before really having a name. Ultimately, the work mattered more than our name ever would.

At the time I was reading and writing a great deal about internet marketing and business, and Seth Godin had just released his book Poke the Box.

The book talks about the importance of sharing the work you’re doing, about trying and failing, and seeing what actually happens when you poke the box. I was just starting to experiment with projects on the internet so I devoured the message.

I found myself watching a short video of Gary Vaynerchuk’s review of the book. Though the review video was good, what really stuck out to me was this comment:

It's like 5 esspresso's

When I read this comment, I was immediately curious. Who was five espresso and what was their opinion on the book, or did they have a book I needed to check out too? A quick google search returned things like “Top 5 espresso bars in New York City, or “Take these 5 espresso machines home to become the ultimate domestic barista”.

I realized that “5 esspresso’s” was a spelling mistake, but I also realized that the name brought me to action. It made me want to know more, to search for the answer.

So I bought the domain name and emailed brian that we had a name.

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