True Pursuit: Connecting to the Hearts of Men

In the spring of 2015, I was able to attend a men’s retreat up that was taking place at one of my favorite places on earth: a young life camp called Timber Wolf Lake.

The retreat’s location was one of the primary reasons I attended that spring. It also came by the reccomendation of one of my best friends, so I was prepared for a great weekend of refocusing on what’s really important.

The weekend was called True Pursuit, and it provides a 3 day getaway for guys to recconect with God and the message that he has for their lives.

I’ve stayed in touch with many of the guys from the weekend over the course of the last year, and earlier this year I was approached by Pete Emhoff, the director of True Pursuit, about the potential of helping them change the look and feel of their website.



Pete provided me with some incredible photography which made the website come together quite nicely. The new website will provide a flexible framework for True Pursuit that will support their ongoing ministry in whatever facets they may explore.

It’s always fun to get to do something for an organization you love!


Micandy Gardens: a Fresh Site

In Fall 2013, our friends at Micandy Gardens needed a refresh for their website. They wanted their new site to highlight their products, but also wanted to show their commitment to their employees… or as they would call them: “family”.

We used a different banner on each page to highlight their amazing flowers. They also needed a way to have ever-changing availability forms and order forms available to their customers, so we set up a basic structure for that and made sure they new how to keep it updated.

It was fun to be a part of the “family” while we worked on this project!